Scarring & Disfigurement

Accidents, Permanent Scarring & Disfigurement

A scar is a mark left on the body tissue after an injury or wound has healed. Disfigurement means to spoil the appearance of something or to deform. Facial disfigurement can be the result of an accident that occurred in the individual's life which left them with any type of distortion, malformation or abnormality to their facial features. Individuals who have been seriously injured in car accidents have majorly reported facial disfigurement as a result of the crash; however, facial disfigurement can also be the result of dog bites, acts of violence, medical malpractice as in plastic surgery procedures gone terribly wrong, and as a result of burn injuries.

The impact of permanent scarring and disfigurement goes far beyond the physical effects. In today's appearance-conscious society, the way one looks has become increasingly important and living with a face or body that is visibly different can be difficult. The myth that aesthetic cosmetic surgery is a magic wand that will fix the problem only leads to false expectations. While surgery definitely has its place and can help reduce the disfigurement or improve function, it usually leaves additional scars.

Living with a severely scarred or disfigured body can have a profound psychological impact; it's not uncommon for it to lead to a host of emotional, social and economic problems and this is in addition to having to deal with losing income, sometimes enduring multiple reconstruction surgeries, and exorbitant medical costs.

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The psychological and emotional effects of a changed physical appearance can result in social isolation and a bereavement process over the loss of the victim's former face and physical identity. Furthermore, usually the family and the victim's social circle experience the effects of the disfigurement, and close family members may have to make major adjustments. Parents of children who suffered disfigurement are known to experience depression, guilt, distress and anger. If you or someone you love has experienced scarring and disfigurement as a result of someone else's negligent behavior, you deserve to be fully compensated for all of your current and future economic and non-economic damages. Please contact a Cincinnati personal injury attorney from The Moore Law Firm for further assistance filing a claim for compensation.