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  • Bus Wreck? What's The Back Story?
    Bus Wreck? What's The Back Story?

    Yesterday a school bus driver plead out to traffic and criminal charges for wrecking into two parked cars, while carrying a blood alcohol 5 times the legal limit . He had just dropped off the high ...

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  • Sometimes An "Accident", Really Isn't!
    Sometimes An "Accident", Really Isn't!

    Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes a truck accident is simply a result of momentary error. However, we have often found that trucking company negligence or deliberate violation of the law sets the ...

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  • A Free Pass For ER Doctors?
    A Free Pass For ER Doctors?

    If you suffer a serious injury, whether from a truck accident , bus accident, work injury,explosion, product failure, or just negligence, you will probably wind up in a hospitalemergency room. The law ...

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