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Drunk Driver Causes Crazy crash Scene In Dayton

Police responding to a hit and run call in Dayton get more than they expected on June 11, 2011.

Officers arrived on Fourth Street after a black Grand Prix struck several parked cars. Police said the driver drove the car backwards then ran over a fire hydrant. The driver and passenger jumped out of the car while it was still moving. The vehicle wound up resting against the side of a house.

Driver and passenger jumped into a Jeep being driven by someone they knew. Neighbors managed to stop the Jeep and detain the suspects. The driver of the Grand Prix fled the scene, but police know his location.

Lt. Wendy Stiver said “We encouraged them to stop and handle this properly with police. In this case, the driver exited and allowed it to continue in the neighborhood, which could havecaused serious injuries to innocent bystanders.”

“The dude was drunk, I know he was drunk,” eyewitness Brittany Noble said about the driver of the car. “When he got out, he was staggering to the Jeep.”

Police arrested those involved at the scene, but still have not arrested the driver of the Grand Prix.

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