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  • Breaking Down Misdiagnosis
    Breaking Down Misdiagnosis

    Misdiagnosis is a dangerous type of medical negligence, often less talked about than other issues that arise in medical facilities. However, it can be just as dangerous, if not more, and lead to some ...

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  • Pre & Post-Birth Medical Malpractice
    Pre & Post-Birth Medical Malpractice

    It’s unfortunate, but there are times when the actions of various medical professionals can lead to a baby suffering severe harm. Even worse, the injuries that your baby sustains can occur before or ...

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  • Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy
    Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

    Roughly 30% of birth injuries result in cerebral palsy. While nobody expects a birth injury, expectant parents should keep themselves informed and ready for the unexpected. To this end, we’ve created ...

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  • Is Suction Delivery Safe?
    Is Suction Delivery Safe?

    Roughly 1-in-3 children come into the world through caesarian section. This is shocking to many medical professionals who claim there’s no need for C-section because forceps and suction delivery are ...

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  • Common Birth Injuries Every Mother Should Know
    Common Birth Injuries Every Mother Should Know

    Nobody expects a birth injury . At a rate of 7 injuries per 100,000 births, it’s tempting to think that birth injuries are something that happens to other people. The reality is that birth injuries ...

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