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Internal Injuries from a Car Accident

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If you have been involved in a car accident, it is important to seek medical attention right away. In some serious cases, victims suffer internal injuries, which most commonly involve trauma to the organs, bones, and blood vessels. The term "internal injuries" is used to refer to any sort of injury that occurs within the body. Oftentimes, internal injuries are not identified until days after the accident has happened. This can be extremely dangerous because by the time an internal injury is identified, it may have developed into a more serious medical issue than it was originally.

Most internal injuries from car accidents are the result of two different types of trauma:

  • Penetrating Trauma: This type of trauma occurs when the skin, organs, or blood vessels are punctured as a result of the impact. Examples of penetrating trauma include a piece of glass from the windshield puncturing the victim's stomach and causing internal bleeding, or a piece of broken rib puncturing the lung because of the force of the collision.
  • Blunt Trauma: Blunt trauma occurs when an individual is harmed because of the extreme impact of a collision, but the skin is not punctured. Blunt trauma can lead to such injuries as black eyes, concussions, and internal bleeding.

If you have sustained internal injuries as the victim of a negligent motorist, you can seek to recover damages and hold the liable driver accountable through a personal injury claim. With more than 50 years of combined experience, the attorneys at The Moore Law Firm understand the extreme importance of having knowledgeable legal counsel by your side. If you have developed internal injuries due to the negligence of another, now it the time to get the representation and compensation you deserve.

Signs that You are Suffering from an Internal Injury

If you are a recent car accident victim and are exhibiting any of the following signs, it is important to seek medical help immediately.

Common symptoms of internal injuries include:

  • Blood in urine: When internal bleeding occurs around the urinary tract, blood in the urine can result.
  • Blurred vision, slurred speech, or dizziness: Injury to the brain can result in intracranial bleeding, which is often evidenced by these symptoms.
  • Muscular pain: When bleeding occurs deep within the muscle tissue, it can be extremely painful and difficult to move around or create a loss of sensation.
  • Blood in vomit or lowered blood pressure: Intra-abdominal bleeding: Trauma to the abdomen may result in intra-abdominal bleeding.
  • Loss of movement in your joints: If internal bleeding travels into the joints, it may be difficult to move the joints as fluidly and as easily as normal.

If you are unsure whether your symptoms are serious, talk to your doctor or go to the emergency room. Internal bleeding is one of the most common types of internal injuries, but others include organ damage, rib/torso injuries, abdominal aorta rupture, pneumothorax, and ruptured spleen. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms listed above, go to the doctor's office or emergency room as soon as possible.

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At the Moore Law Firm, your safety comes first. If you have sustained internal injuries as a result of another's negligence, you want experienced legal representation on your side. Not only does our Cincinnati personal injury firm care about the well-being of every client, but we are also committed to recovering the compensation that each client deserves. We can help you file a claim before it is too late to do so; now is the time to speak with a well-qualified attorney and get started with your case. Call a Cincinnati personal injury attorney today to learn how you can seek justice for internal injuries you suffered in a car accident.

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