Attorney Donald Moore Flies with LifeLine Pilots to Help Disadvantaged Patients


Attorney Don Moore, founder of The Moore Law Firm in Cincinnati is both a trusted attorney and an avid pilot. The serving the firm’s clients often requires out of town travel to meet with experts, inspect injury scenes or evidence and take depositions. The Moore Law Firm has a private plane, which is flown by Don. With many trials postponed due to the current pandemic, Don has combined two of his passions – flying and helping others – Don began volunteering with LifeLine Pilots and Angel Flights East to transport medical patients and their family members to necessary medical treatments in distant clinics and hospitals.

Both LifeLine Pilots and Angel Flights East are great organizations that connects private pilots with medical patients who cannot afford private flights or cannot risk transportation on commercial flights do to their fragile medical condition. Sometimes their only hope is for treatments far away from their hometown. During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it has become more difficult than ever for people who are immunocompromised or in financial hardship to get the medical treatments they desperately need. Not only are some medical facilities not offering certain types of surgeries and procedures, but many traditional medical transport companies are wary to provide for anyone who might be a COVID-19 risk. Volunteer plane owners like The Moore Law Firm and Don are helping bridge that gap and uplift people when they need a hand the most.

How Can You Support These Organizations?

Don is excited for the opportunity to help clients in need. LifeLine Pilots has allowed him to use his piloting skills for something truly extraordinary. We encourage you to pass along this information to help those in need, our services are entirely free. If you would like to support LifeLine Pilots, please click here or Angel Flights East, click here to visit the organizations’ donation page. Thank you!

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