Beware of These Common New Year Injuries


New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day is a time of celebration for people all over the country. Unfortunately, some of the ways that people choose to celebrate can potentially cause injury. Below is a list of three of the most common New Year's injuries. Being aware and knowing what to avoid is the best way to help keep yourself and your friends and family safe while you celebrate.

Fireworks accidents: Fireworks are dangerous even for experienced, licensed users, but they are even more dangerous in the hands of those unfamiliar with their use. For this reason, all fireworks are illegal in Ohio with the exception of the four S’s: snakes, snaps, smoke bombs, and sparklers. Still, every year there are many people who set off illegal fireworks and several reports of burn injuries, eye injuries, and more.

Gunfire accidents: Firing a gun at midnight may seem like a legitimate way to celebrate, but one wrong move could result in serious injury or death. Celebratory gunfire is responsible for numerous accidental shootings. No one wants to spend the first part of the New Year in the hospital, so leave guns out of your celebration!

Flying champagne corks: Yes, champagne cork accidents really do happen, especially around New Years. A flying cork from a champagne bottle can reach speeds of over 55 mph, and if it hits someone in the eye, it could result in serious damage. When opening a bottle of champagne, make sure that the end of the bottle is pointed away from people. Instead of popping the cork, the safest way to open the bottle is to place a towel over the cork and carefully twist until it releases.

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