Breaking Down Misdiagnosis


Misdiagnosis is a dangerous type of medical negligence, often less talked about than other issues that arise in medical facilities. However, it can be just as dangerous, if not more, and lead to some of the most catastrophic damages possible.

Understanding how misdiagnosis occurs and what it can lead to is important to recognizing what legal options you may have.

How Does Misdiagnosis Occur?

A doctor has a responsibility to provide patients with the highest level of care. Whenever you go into their office with a condition or injury, the doctor must properly monitor your symptoms to diagnose you accurately and set up a treatment plan. However, because many conditions have overlapping symptoms, and there’s often a lack of experience in advanced conditions, doctors often misdiagnose patients.

Once initial misdiagnosis is there, the doctor may perform incorrect testing and order the wrong exams. This potentially means that the test that would catch the right diagnosis may not be performed at all, and you may be left to endure the impact of your condition.

Why is Misdiagnosis so Dangerous?

Unfortunately, when misdiagnosis occurs, one of two things happens. Either you don’t receive the treatment you need, or you receive treatment that you don’t need. For instance, if you have a terminal condition like cancer but you’re misdiagnosed, you may not receive surgery and chemotherapy to help treat it.

When a condition is not treated, there’s a significant chance that it worsens. Some of the conditions that don’t get treated can cause a decline in quality of life, pain, and more. If you receive treatment you don’t need, this could mean undergoing surgery for something that doesn’t exist.

It’s vital that medical professionals get it right when it comes to diagnosing a patient. It’s misdiagnosis that often leads to other acts of malpractice including surgical errors.

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