Brookfield Tragedy Shows How Quickly Motorcycle Accidents Can Happen


Last week, we discussed the importance of wearing a helmet for motorcyclists. Less than a week after we posted that blog, WYTV-TV reported that two individuals in their fifties were killed when the motorcycle they were riding crashed into a tractor trailer cab at the intersection of State Route 7 and State Route 82 in Brookfield Center. News reports make no mention of whether the riders had been wearing helmets, but we wanted to make note of the tragedy because of how fast it happened.

“It was like kind of surreal,” witness Norman Lowe told WYTV. “This motorcycle came out of, I don’t know where, and just nailed him in the side,” said Lowe.

Lowe told WYTV that the tractor trailer had the green light and was proceeding carefully through the intersection before the collision occurred. The truck driver was treated and released at a local hospital, according to WYTV.

With the weather being more favorable, there is likely to be more motorcycles on roads throughout Ohio. Because motorcyclists have virtually no protection while riding, drivers need to exercise tremendous caution around these vehicles to avoid a similar tragedy. This particular accident should also reinforce the importance of not underestimating how fast a motorcycle appears to be traveling. When you are at an intersection, you should always assume a motorcycle is not only moving faster, but is actually much closer to you than it might appear.

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