Bus Wreck? What’s The Back Story?


Yesterday a school bus driver plead out to traffic and criminal charges for wrecking into two parked cars, while carrying ablood alcohol 5 times the legal limit. He had just dropped off the high school band! This Cincinnati bus wreck was directly related to substance abuseand could have had devastating results. Sounds open and shut. It might be. Or, maybe there is a back story.

How about the driver’s record? Did he have a priorOMVI (DUI)? What happened the day of the wreck? Was he drinking while at the terminal? Should his supervisors have seen him drinking? Should they have noticed his impairment? Is there a policy to check drivers, that is talk with them or look at them, for driving suitability, immediately before they drive? What is the school district’s overall record? Was the bus service operated by the school district or a private contract carrier. Any prior problems with unfit drivers? Do they have a loose screening process which allows unfit or dangerous drivers to slip through? Was this driver’s dangerous behavior foreseeable?…preventable?

If a person were involved in a Cincinnati truck or bus accident, like this one, it is very important they contact someone who is experienced in handling this type of case. A Cincinnati truck accident lawyer would know how to dig down into the facts, ask the right questions and hold all accountable for their wrongdoing. Full accountability is the only way to get a full settlement or verdict for theinjured person. This goes far beyond the usual police investigation. In this case, an experienced bus accident lawyer would just be beginning where the police investigation ended.

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