Can I Sue a Family Member?


Labor Day is the quintessential end of summer holiday. It is a day that many of us gather with friends and many members of the family to have one last hurrah and say goodbye to summer. There is a possibility, however, that someone could get hurt or injured at your family’s party.

Family gatherings mean more people are packed into close quarters all at once. As your family grows, so does the chance of an accident occurring and someone getting seriously injured. At The Moore Law Firm, our Cincinnati personal injury attorneys want to help you stay safe from injuries. We can offer legal advice as well about what your next steps should be following a serious accident.

Injuries at Family Parties

The people with whom you close to, often your family, are often the people you will quarrel with the most as well. It is not unheard of for family members to sue one another due to negligence or to demand payment to cover the cost of medical bills and other related costs. It may come to this point because family members cannot agree on who should be financially responsible for what.

If you are the one who wishes to file a lawsuit, the first point you should consider is whether or not that family member can pay. Consider whether or not your relative has adequate insurance or may have additional assets. It is also wise to think about whether or not suing your family member would place other relatives, such as your cousins, nieces, or nephews, at a disadvantage or cause unnecessary financial struggle.

Understandably, you want to protect yourself and ensure that you have enough financial resources to cover the costs of injuries. You will have to think about the repercussions and consequences of taking legal action against family members, however. Even suing distant family members can cause rifts and permanently sever ties.

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As Cincinnati personal injury lawyers, we stress resolving any disputes before it reaches the point of filing a lawsuit and taking your family member to court. Settling the case first and foremost may be the solution and may be the less intensive route. The Moore Law Firm is more than happy to help you achieve your goals and help you achieve the resolution you need.

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If you have been injured or have lost a loved one as a result of another person's negligence, you deserve to be fully compensated for your losses. The simple fact is that you should not be forced to pay the price for another person's careless or reckless actions.