Children’s Death Reinforce Need For Driver Awareness


The death of any child is always a tragic circumstance, so it was particularly upsetting to learn that two children were hit and killed by motor vehicles in Cincinnati within a week’s time. The Kentucky Post reported that a 9-year-old girl was struck at a Westwood intersection by a minivan before being hit by as Metro Bus that was traveling in the opposite direction on March 16, 2012. Less than a week later, WXIX-TV reported that a 3-year-old boy was struck and killed by a car in a hit and run crash on March 21.

According to the Post, the 9-year-old’s death has led to Cincinnati’s division of traffic and engineering receiving emails from parents and residents requesting speed limit reductions and addition of speed humps near the intersection of Lafeuille Avenue and Westbrook Drive where the fatal accident occurred. Residents who live in the neighborhood told the Post that the area was dangerous for children because “they feel like many drivers do not drive the posted 25 mph.”

WXIX reported that Cincinnati Police said they had found the vehicle believed to have been involved in the crash that killed the 3-year-old boy on Fairbanks Avenue, and a suspicious red Chevy Impala was leaving the scene of a reported robbery earlier in the day the youngster was struck. Police told WXIX that the owner of the vehicle “has been vague in her conversations with police.”

Even though school is still in session, there will surely be an increased presence of children out and about throughout Ohio as the weather become more favorable. It is critical for all motorists to keep this in mind—especially on neighborhood streets—in order to avoid ever having to be involved in an accident like one of these. While many parents repeatedly tell their children to stay out of the street, kids can still frequently enter traffic to retrieve a personal item or simply attempt to cross without looking first. Whatever their reason might have been, it is the driver’s responsibility to be prepared to come to a full stop to avoid striking a pedestrian. By obeying posted speed limits and driving without distractions such as the use of a cell phone, you will be giving yourself the best control of your vehicle and, consequently, less of a likelihood to ever be involved in an accident that takes the life of an exceptionally young victim.

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