Dump Truck Tire Strikes Windshield Of Car Driving On I-75


Pieces of a tire came off a dump truck, striking the windshield of a Chrysler Sebring driving southbound on I-75. The female driver of the car received injuries, and the car is severely damaged.

The incident occurred near Mitchell Avenue around 10:15am on June 13, 2011. After the tire struck the woman’s windshield, she slowed down to a complete stop in the middle of I-75. A witness to the accident and another passerby called emergency services, and then got her and her car off the highway.

Dennis Ferry witnessed the accident from start to finish. He said that he saw the tire explode and pieces of black rubber go flying across the road. He then looked over and saw the crushed windshield of the woman’s car. Ferry described the damage to the car as looking like a stick of dynamite had hit it.

The woman was transported to University Hospital, and she is expected to survive. The driver of the dump truck pulled over when his tire exploded and is not facing any charges.

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