How Can I Tell if I’ve Been Misdiagnosed?


Receiving an incorrect diagnosis may be one of the more difficult things you endure. Unfortunately, it’s something that happens far too often. As a patient, it helps for you to know what your rights are regarding a misdiagnosis. Even more important, you should recognize these five signs that may indicate you received a misdiagnosis.

1. Your Symptoms Overlap with Multiple Conditions

If you have symptoms that can match more than one condition, it helps ensure your doctor is doing everything possible to rule out specific diagnoses. In many situations, it’s a lack of experience that causes a doctor to provide one diagnosis without looking at other possibilities when symptoms overlap.

2. Your Doctor Didn’t Get All Information

When you see your doctor, you should be providing important information about your condition. If your doctor doesn’t ask questions or it feels as though he or she isn’t collecting all information from you before diagnosing your condition, it could be a problem.

3. You Didn’t Receive Proper Testing

Testing and imaging can help your doctor properly diagnose your condition. Far too often, doctors don’t go through the motions of providing multiple tests. If your doctor only orders one test before diagnosing you or claiming there’s nothing wrong with you, this may indicate a misdiagnosis.

4. Your Second Opinion Doesn’t Match the Diagnosis

If you feel your diagnosis is incorrect, you may seek a second opinion with another doctor. In these situations, your second opinion may be much different than the initial diagnosis. If this is the case, you may have received a misdiagnosis.

5. Your Treatment Is Ineffective

Even if you trust your doctor’s diagnosis and go through with whatever treatment option they prescribe, you may encounter an issue where treatment is not working. When your treatment doesn’t work, it may mean that your doctor didn’t diagnose you correctly.

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