How Does Surgical Error Occur?


Surgical error can be severely damaging to you, as you may undergo surgery you don’t need, surgery on the wrong part of your body, or have an object left inside you after the surgery leading to infection. Unfortunately, there are many problems that can lead to this situation happening.

If you experience a surgical error, it’s important to recognize how it can happen. This allows you to take the necessary steps to pursue legal action against the responsible party. Here are four issues that can arise that may lead to surgical errors.


Whenever a doctor misdiagnoses you as a patient, it can lead to the wrong treatment. When that treatment involves surgery, this can result in you getting a procedure that you shouldn’t have received or on the wrong part of your body.


System errors and miscommunication can also lead to surgical procedures being performed on the wrong patient. When a doctor speaks with you, they typically ask for your date of birth to confirm your identity. Unfortunately, this question isn’t always asked, and when miscommunication arises, it can lead to the medical professional thinking you’re someone else.


Inexperience with certain procedures or medical conditions can lead to a surgical error. If a doctor doesn’t have enough experience with the procedure itself, it may lead to problems during surgery. Inexperience with a certain medical condition can lead to a misdiagnosis, which can then result in a surgical error.


Oversight is one of the biggest issues that can lead to you having an object left inside your body following the surgery. Whenever someone in the operating room doesn’t look for gauze, bandages, surgical tools, etc. after surgery, you may suffer a surgical error.

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