How Is Liability Determined by Auto Insurance Providers?


Getting into an accident can leave not only physical damage to your person and your vehicle; it can leave a huge dent in your finances. Having auto insurance can be helpful in getting monetary assistance, although it is important to look at how they determine fault. If you do not obtain the right information or do not know how to properly negotiate with insurance companies, it can result in you losing out on rightful claim payments. Insurance providers make a profit when they do not have to pay you as much, so have your guard up for bad faith insurance policies.

When looking at a collision case, insurers will first investigate the "duty of care" taken by all the drivers involved. They will look to see if the drivers were following the rules of the road, avoiding distraction and acting in a responsible manner while driving. It can also refer to what is called "lookout avoidance," meaning that the driver is always aware and watching for potential dangers. It is the responsibility of a driver to do all that they can to avoid an accident by being fully present and focused on their primary task. In addition, they must follow all lights, signs, speed limits and other practices that are mandated by the law.

While the police report is not the way liability is directly determined, it can be helpful in determining the specifics of the incident. Your insurer will take into consideration witness accounts and your personal testimony as well when deciding who is liable. Looking at weather and road conditions is also something they will take into account. Once they have compiled everything, they must reveal the connection between the actions of the drivers and the accident. This is called causation and its purpose is to show who is ultimately responsible for paying damages.

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