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Moore Law host and TV journalist Deb Haas and attorney co-host Don Moore welcomed Florence, Kentucky personal injury lawyer Angela L. Greene from the firm of Angela L. Greene and Associates to answer questions viewers had “All About Injuries.” During one segment, Don spoke about how not all injuries are readily apparent. He showed a picture of one accident in which a client had suffered a broken leg, but later developed additional complications that affected his eyesight and were much more serious than initial signs.

“That also has to do when a person has depression following an injury—which is very common,” Don said, also mentioning that signs of brain injuries are not always visible immediately. Angela discussed a rear-end collision she handled with no apparent injuries, but the client was later unable to stand, suffering from nausea and diagnosed with benign positional vertigo. “So what looked like was going to be a very modest claim escalated into something major,” Angela said.

Some of the topics addressed by Moore Law viewers included Ed in Cincinnati seeking options for possible substandard care of his artery blockage after suffering three mini-strokes, Lucille in Cincinnati wondering how she could prevent her insurance company from raising her rates after it paid a “very, very large sum” to another party in an automobile accident in Florida, Jay in Middletown asking what he could do after he was assaulted by an individual under the influence of crack cocaine while working in an emergency room, Johnnie in Cincinnati inquiring how much time he had to make a decision in regards to pressure from another motorist’s insurance company after being rear-ended last October and Vernon in Fairfield saying he had made two emergency room visits after using a hair product.

Two email questions from viewers also got answers from Don’s son, Cincinnati personal injury attorney Dan Moore, during the show’s “Moore Law Connection” segment. Viewers can “like” Moore Law on Facebook, follow the show on Twitter or ask questions via the form on this page or the Moore Lawsection of the FOX 19 website to take advantage of “Moore Law Connection.” Submitting a question electronically for the “Moore Law Connection” segment will not guarantee an answer on air.

The entire “All About Injuries” episode is viewable in the video above. On the next show, Deb and Don Moore will welcome Cincinnati employment lawyer Peter M. Burrell from the firm of Strauss Troy to take viewer questions about “Can My Boss Do That?” The next episode will air live on Monday, August 20, 2012, at 9:30 a.m. on WXIX-TV, FOX19.

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