Many Physicians Continue to Practice After Lawsuits


In the wake of a medical malpractice lawsuit, doctors must make choices that determine how they move forward. However, depending on the situation that ensued, the medical professional’s decision can have an impact on many people, including future patients.

In some situations, physicians may decide to retire and leave behind the medical profession completely. Others may continue practicing. It’s some of those who continue to practice, though, that cause concern for many patients—and for good reason. There are some doctors that will make one mistake in a long history of medicine, and they shouldn’t raise additional problems. Others, though, who are consistently substandard may be potentially problematic.

Cause for Concern

When a medical professional has a history of causing someone else harm, it’s crucial to recognize where the negligence occurred. If it’s because of declining skills, this can pose potential risks for all patients moving forward, and it’s a good reason to believe that the physician should retire. However, if it’s a one-time event, there’s no reason to believe that the physician didn’t just make a mistake and they may practice further without cause for concern.

If the physician continues to practice despite the problems he or she is experiencing and there’s persistent substandard care, it can be dangerous for future patients. The moment this happens, the medical professional is subject to additional medical malpractice cases, but worse, they can leave people dealing with lifelong damages.

The Hospital’s Role

Whenever a hospital hires a physician or allows him or her to practice in the facility, it must act to provide a safe environment for patients. A history of negligence should be properly monitored before the hospital allows the physician to practice in its institution.

If the hospital fails to perform a proper background check or ignores the history of malpractice, it is neglecting its duty to provide patients with the proper care. Should another incident of negligence occur, the hospital may hold some liability for the damages suffered as a result.

No matter the situation, malpractice should not be taken lightly. It is possible for medical professionals to continue practicing following a lawsuit, but there must be additional precautions taken and patients should be aware of the history of that physician.

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