Milk Does Bodies Good, But Exit Ramps Not So Much


A tanker truck carrying 50,000 pounds of milk rolled into ditch, closing the Interstate 475 east ramp on southbound U.S. Route 23. WTOL-TV reported on October 15, 2011, that the truck was heading to an Amish cheese factory in Middlefield, Ohio, when the driver failed to negotiate at the ramp and lost control of his vehicle.

The driver, Scott Bedell, suffered minor injuries and was taken to Toledo Hospital. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Ohio Department of Transportation assisted with clean-up efforts as a precautionary measure. WTOL reported he was cited for failure to control and speed appears to be a factor in the crash.

Because truck drivers are encouraged to arrive at their destinations as quickly as possible, speed factors into many truck accidents. In this particular case, the driver should be fortunate that nobody else on the road was harmed. Needless to say, the accident could have had far more tragic consequences.

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