Miner Suffers Amputating Injuries To Hand While On The Job


A miner received amputating injuries to parts of his hand while working at Yellowbush Mine on Memorial Day, 2011.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration incident report states that the miner was operating a scoop tractor and attempting to re-rail a rail car in the work area. He had the bucket of the scoop down-pressured into the mine floor, lifting the bucket-end wheels of the ground. This action allows the steering jacks to move the body machine sideways either way to reposition the wheels. Included in the body of the machinery is the operator’s cab and canopy. With the wheels in the air, the operator activated the steering to move the car sideways. He allegedly positioned his left hand on the outside edge of the canopy. When the car frame moved towards a support rib during the steering action, the miners hand was caught between the canopy and the rib.

The miner received amputating injuries of the middle finger, the ring finger, and the entire little finger of the left hand. He was flown by emergency medical helicopter to St. Mary’s Medical Center in Huntington. Surgery was performed on his hand at St. Mary’s. The injuries were not described as life threatening.

The name of the miner has not been released as of June 4, 2011.

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