Motorist Safety Concerns Cause Speed limits To Be Lowered On I-77


Ohio Department of Transportation has lowered the speed limit between Independence to Brecksville on I-77. The move is a response to work-zone accidents along this stretch of roadway.

The speed limit is reduced from 60 M.P.H. to 50 M.P.H. in construction zones from Valley Parkway in Brecksville to Pleasant Valley Road in Independence.

This specific stretch of highway is undergoing resurfacing and widening. Construction crews are working on upgrading overpasses.

Jaclyn Schafer said, “We’ve had four very serious accidents since April. This is a response to the feeling that we cannot let this go any further. We can’t wait until someone else is hurt or killed.”

The Cleveland area of ODOT obtained $25,000 in federal transportation safety money which will be used to help pay for more patrols in the aforementioned areas. Ohio Highway Patrol is assisting suburban police departments catch speeders.

Patrols and reduced speeds are in effect until fall. Speeders that are caught will receive a fine that is double the normal amount.

Accidents that have happened since the construction began include DUIs and reckless driving incidents with one reported fatality. One incident did not involve the construction zone, but made ODOT anxious about the possibility of more accidents involving reckless driving.

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