Ohio Turnpike, “Cereal” Truck Crash


Yesterday, an 18 wheeler lost control and crashed on the Ohio Turnpike. It was hauling breakfast cereal, which got spread all over the expressway. The wreckage blocked two lanes and resulted in a subsequent, additional truck crash.

Preliminary cause: Driver Fatigue

As we have discussed in earlier blogs, and on our website, there are specific regulationsdesigned to assure that commercial truck drivers will be adequately rested. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous trucking companies deliberately design driver schedules in such a way that compliance with the law is impossible. From the news story, one cannot tell whether scheduling this was the reason for the ‘cereal’ truck crash.

The back story, that can only be revealed through effective investigation, can really make a difference in whether injured parties receive adequate compensation. An experienced truck accident lawyer will take the necessary steps to learn and secure the evidence. These are things that they just don’t teach you in law school. It takes years of experience and training to provide powerful representation for accident victims.

Lawyers at The Moore Law Firm, have been involved with the investigation of truck accidents for well over 30 years. Whether an accident occurred in Northern Kentucky or Southern Ohio, involving automobiles or trucks, we can help.

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