One Person Killed, At Least Three Others Injured After Car Collides With Ambulance


This video once again shows another motorist crossing into oncoming traffic and how close the car comes to causing a similar crash. On Monday, we discussed a fatal truck accident on State Route 39 in Goshen Township that left one woman dead after she crossed the center line and collided head on with a dump truck. On September 18, 2012, another woman was killed after veering left of center. According to the Madison Press, the 53-year-old driver of an SUV crossed the center line on State Route 142 and crashed into a Jefferson Township ambulance. At least three other occupants of the SUV were transported to Ohio State University and Grant hospitals, according to the Press.

“[She] just went left of center all of a sudden,” Steve Wills, a West Jefferson resident who was driving behind the SUV, told the Press. “It was like it happened in slow motion.”

In our post on Monday, we noted some of the reasons motorists might cross the center line include driving under the influence, poor weather, a loss of control while speeding and talking or texting while driving. However, we should also note that cell phone usage is not the only form of distraction that can lead to serious car accidents. Any number of things could distract a driver just long enough for a vehicle to drift into oncoming traffic, including changing a radio station, eating, drinking or even other passengers.

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