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While a jury took less than one hour to convict 37-year-old Cherilynn Waldron of her eighth drunken driving charge, the Tribune Chronicle reported on January 19, 2012, that she also has a ninth DUI charge pending in another courtroom. On January 23, the Columbus Dispatch reported that 46-year-old Ralph Gipple was involved in a one-car crash and charged with operating a vehicle while under the influence, his 10th such charge. On January 20, the Dispatch reported that 68-year-old John W. Wallace received his 13th drunken driving charge after being arrested for driving the wrong way while going to pick up his son, who had just been arrested on his first drunk driving charge.

This is just three stories within a week’s time of repeat offenders here in Ohio, but even the first-time offender is facing jail time as well. You need to know that Ohio levies stiff penalties on those who operate vehicles while under the influence, including driver intervention programs, license suspensions, fines or interlock devices in addition to minimum jail terms.

While all of the repeat offenders we mentioned will be facing harsher sentences, at least the three people we mentioned can take some comfort in the knowledge that their repeated acts of disregard somehow did not end up injuring or killing another motorist. Instead, the consequences have been mostly limited to the motorists themselves and their immediate families. However, all it takes is just a single act of carelessness to lead to a fatal car accidentthat kills another innocent motorist. And the stigma of one drunk driving arrest resulting in a fatality can very well be even more painful to bear than the embarrassment of multiple drunk driving arrests that resulted in none.

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