The Mcdonald’s Hot Coffee Case Documentary


If you have an opportunity to watch this documentary, please do. The 'McDonalds Hot Coffee Case' has had a significant impact on our civil justice system, both through our legislature and our juries. I heard the federal judge who presided over the trial, and who granted the remittitur after the trial, speak about what really happened. The public perception was radically skewed by media and special interest spin. Instead of being an example of a broken system, this case, when all facts are known, is really an example of how our well-developed civil justice system can do exactly what it was designed to do. Leave the power to decide what justice is in any given case, to the people (jury), rather than in the hands of special interest groups or politicians. See the film below, and check out the info at Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants on Wikipedia – comment here and let me know what you think.

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