Truck Driver Found Dead At Preble County Truck Stop


Truck drivers discovered a body in the parking lot of the TA Travel Center of America truck stop on Ohio 127. He has been identified as Myron Hallett of Morenci, Mich. Hallett worked for Mercer Transportation Co. based in Greenville, Ill.

The drivers who discovered Hallett’s body approached another truck driver, who they had seen driving a tractor-trailer that had come from the same location where they had found the body. When questioned by deputies, the truck driver said he was unaware that he had struck anyone. Evidence retrieved from the driver’s truck proved that he did strike Hallett with his semi.

Police investigators are satisfied with the fact that Hallett has been struck by another semi truck, but it is unknown if the impact caused his death. No one has come forward with information on how he came to be on the ground. Investigators are unsure if he had a medical condition that caused him to be prone when the tractor-trailer struck him. An autopsy is in progress to determine cause of death.

Investigators feel that Hallett had purchased food at the truck stop and was walking back to his tractor-trailer when the incident occurred. His body was 75 to 100 feet away from his truck.

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