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The Cincinnati truck accident attorneys at The Moore Law Firm have years of experience dealing with truck accidents. Follow the links below to Here are some frequently asked questions about this type of case:

What classifies as a truck accident?

A trucking accident is any type of motor vehicle accident that occurs between a commercial truck such as a semi tractor-trailer and one or more passenger vehicles.

What makes trucking accidents and motor vehicle accidents different?
Truck drivers are required to follow much stricter federal safety rules and regulations. Given the difference in size and weight between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles, truck accident injuries tend to be more severe. As most drivers of commercial trucks are engaged in job-related activities when accidents occur, the trucking company or truck owner is likely to be financially responsible for any injuries that result from accidents.

If injuries occur in trucking accidents, who is responsible?

Many different parties can be responsible for injuries sustained in trucking accidents. For instance, a truck driver may be liable for your injuries if he was exceeding the speed limit or violated some other traffic law when the accident occurred. A trucking company or truck owner also may be responsible for the acts of its employee driver. Finally, a trucking company may be liable for your injuries if it failed to properly maintain the truck or failed to make the driver comply with important safety regulations.

What kinds of laws do truck drivers and trucking companies have to follow?
Aside from regular traffic safety laws established by each state, truck drivers and trucking companies must also comply with many federal safety rules and regulations. Truck drivers must maintain logbooks to record the hours they spend behind the wheel, comply with driving time restrictions, perform routine vehicle inspections and comply with load weight limits. Furthermore, trucking companies must maintain their vehicles on a regular schedule in order to ensure the safety of their drivers, as well as other people on the roadway. Both federal and Ohio trucking regulations may apply in your case.

What kind of evidence is used in claims related to trucking accidents?

Trucking accidents that cause personal injuries necessitate extensive accident investigation to discover evidence. Some examples of this evidence include accident reconstruction reports, medical records, records from the National Transportation Safety Board and statements by accident witnesses. Often, evidence in trucking accidents is dependent upon the findings of expert witnesses, including doctors, accident reconstruction specialists and trucking industry experts.

Is there a certain timeframe in which I can file a trucking claim?

Yes. All states have specific deadlines, or statutes of limitation, that apply to different kinds of lawsuits. If you do not file your lawsuit before this deadline, you lose your right to recover any compensation for your injuries. In the state of Ohio, the statute of limitations for a personal injury case is two years from the date of the accident. In Kentucky, the statute of limitations is also two years from the date of the accident, for a motor vehicle accident, but only one year for other types of personal injury cases. Time is of the essence. The sooner you contact an experienced Cincinnati truck accident lawyer at our firm, the more likely we will be able to capture all the evidence.

What are some of the common factors that contribute to trucking accidents?
Inexperienced or untrained truck drivers, distracting driving, vehicle speed, poor vehicle maintenance, driver fatigue and mechanical failures all can cause or contribute to trucking accidents. Bad weather, poor visibility and innumerable other factors also contribute to trucking accidents.

How do I choose a lawyer for my trucking accident claim?

First, you should choose a lawyer who is experienced in claims related to personal injuries and trucking accidents in particular. It is important you talk to your lawyer about his background and experience relating to your type of case. Do not be afraid to ask the hard questions. Often, the lawyer's website reveals much about his practice and whether or not the practice focuses on the type of injuries that concern you. Review of the lawyer's ratings by independent rating companies, such as Martindale Hubbell® and Super Lawyers®, will tell you something about his reputation among his peers. Ask yourself whether you are confident about your lawyer's ability. A lawyers' ability to inspire confidence in others often relates directly to their ability to be persuasive with other lawyers, judges and juries. The attorney you choose can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. Follow this link to learn more about us and to find out why you should hire The Moore Law Firm.

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