Two Children Die In US 421 Crash


Tragically, a family is nearly wiped out when a semi truck slammed into the rear of their small, S10 pickup truck. News reports say the two children were killed immediately and their mother and father were critically injured. The small pickup truck was waiting to turn left when the truck struck it from the rear, collapsed the bed and intruded into the back of the cab. The kids, seated in the rear seat, didn’t have a chance. Mom and Dad survived the crash, but required life flight assistance.

From the pictures, it appears the road was open and clear. No adverse circumstances. No excuse not to see a stopped pickup truck. Sounds like inattentive driving. The police investigation is continuing. Was the driver using a cell phone? Texting? How about this driver’s record? There was no trailer attached to the semi truck so weight and load are not an issue. This accident happened in the afternoon. How long had the driver been in his truck? Was he dozing?

How about mechanics? Any acceleration problems? Did all brakes work properly? If there was a mechanical failure, should it have been anticipated? Had it manifested itself prior to this wreck?

Was the logbook up-to-date? Where was this driver coming from and where was he going? Should others have anticipated this failure?

A lawyer experienced in handling trucking cases knows that time is of the essence. The evidence has to be secured as soon as possible. This means that the truck must be secured and inspected. Likewise with the logbook. Skidmarks, gouges, damaged turf, vegetation(especially in the spring) and other accident scene evidence disappears or changes rapidly. Photographs, measurements and other evidentiary data should be collected immediately. An experienced truck accident lawyer knows who to call and how to get the job done.

I sincerely hope someone is looking out for this young family, that their misery may not be compounded by unnecessary frustration with the accident aftermath. They have a long and complicated path ahead of them. They need help. At The Moore Law Firm, we have been helping families like this for more than 30 years.

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