What To Do If You Have Been Injured By A Defective Product


The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) receives about 10,000 reports of product-related injuries and deaths a year. Nobody expects the product he or she is using to be flawed, but should you be injured by a defective product, here is what you should do:

  • Get medical attention — Your health is the first and foremost concern, and you should have a doctor or physician evaluate your injury and discuss possible treatment. Even if you are uncertain whether medical attention is required, it would still be wise to get a doctor’s opinion and keep all medical records or paperwork in regards to your visit.
  • Document everything — In addition to medical paperwork, also keep any receipts, instructions or warnings relating to the defective product. Take pictures of your injuries and the scene of the accident. Keeping a journal can always be helpful, as documenting specific memories of the injury will help your case and provide a referral source if you have difficulty remembering certain details later on.
  • Keep the product — You should store the product in a safe place where it will not harm others. While you should obviously discontinue using the product, do not throw it away as it will be needed for evidence in your case.
  • Get witness information — If anybody happened to see your accident, get as much contact information from him or her as possible. Try to get names, phone numbers and addresses from all witnesses.
  • Do not discuss the case with anyone but an attorney — Do not give any written or recorded statements about your case without the approval of the attorney that will be handling your case. Even a minor admission of some possible wrongdoing on your part could effectively kill your case.

As we said on Monday, product liability lawsuits can be extremely complex, expensive and time-consuming. In defective product lawsuits, defendants are typically larger companies with significant legal resources, but you can help your case by speaking with a personal injury attorney who has a record of advocating for the interests of their clients.

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