Why Do Hospitals Limit Contractual Obligations with Some Doctors?


When medical malpractice occurs, there are multiple people who you may look at to hold accountable. Knowing the parties that can be responsible helps in pursuing compensation through a valid medical malpractice claim or lawsuit.

In some situations, there are matters which you can hold the doctor, other medical professionals, and the facility accountable for the damage you sustain. In other situations, though, hospitals minimize certain contractual obligations with doctors. Here’s why:

Limiting Liability

Many hospitals use certain language to limit their own liability should medical malpractice arise. Because many medical malpractice victims will look at the overall hierarchy in these situations, hospitals often become negligent parties who are defendants in these types of lawsuits.

Hospitals, to protect themselves, will find ways to limit that liability and avoid taking any responsibility for the actions of the doctor. If they can do this, they potentially remove their name from any possible lawsuit, meaning you only go after the medical professional(s) involved.

Hospitals are looking out for themselves because they don’t want to be responsible for hiring a medical professional who causes you harm. Nor do they want to take accountability for even contracting with a doctor or medical professional to work within their facility when negligence occurs. Failure to properly screen doctors can give rise to hospital liability for negligent screening.

What You Can Do

Working with an attorney is your most effective way of protecting your best interests and safeguarding your ability to pursue compensation. It’s vital to have someone who can explain what your rights and options are, as well as investigate to determine who can be held liable.

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