Why Hire an Amputation Injury Lawyer?


An amputation can happen in almost any traumatic accident. The loss of a body part can significantly affect your finances and quality of life. An amputation injury lawyer might provide the best opportunity for you to recover compensation for your losses.

An Ohio personal injury lawyer assesses the strength and value of your claim. They provide the skills and knowledge to tailor a legal strategy for your situation. Most importantly, they have experience negotiating with insurers and advocating before a judge and jury.

The Devastating Impact of Amputation Injuries

Amputations occur in two ways. A traumatic amputation happens when a traumatic incident dismembers you. The part may get sliced, pulled, or torn from your body. For example, you might suffer a traumatic amputation when a defective product, like a circular saw, malfunctions and cuts off your finger.

A surgical amputation occurs when a body part suffers so much damage that it cannot survive. In many cases, a doctor will recommend amputation after the blood vessels in a body part get destroyed, preventing them from circulating blood to the body part. Thus, a doctor might need to amputate your foot after it gets crushed in a head-on car accident.

You can suffer both physically and mentally after an amputation. You will likely require costly medical treatment like surgery and physical therapy. Once you begin your recovery, you may develop complications like phantom pain that require further therapy sessions.

After you lose a body part, you will experience the permanent loss of at least some of your physical abilities. Even if you obtain a prosthetic, it will not have the same appearance and will not function at the same level as your real body part.

In some cases, you can overcome these disabilities. But in many situations, you may require assistive devices or accommodations to work or perform necessary tasks around the house. Worse yet, you might need to change your job hours or work duties due to your disabilities. The loss of income might threaten your financial stability.

In addition to the physical effects, your amputation may affect your mental health. According to one study, at least 30% of amputees develop depression as they grieve the loss of a body part and face an uncertain future coping with the loss.

The Role of an Amputation Injury Lawyer

An amputation injury lawyer knows injury law and has experience helping clients with catastrophic injuries. These injuries cause permanent disabilities and incur substantial medical costs. An amputation injury attorney will provide the following services:

Assessing Your Legal Options With an Attorney

A lawyer’s role begins before you even hire them. At your free consultation, the lawyer will listen to your story and assess your case. They will outline your legal options, identifying who might bear legal liability for your losses and how you can pursue compensation from them.

Building a Strong Claim With Evidence and Expert Testimony

Most injury cases arise under negligence law. To prove negligence, you need evidence that the other party failed to exercise reasonable care. Evidence might include:

  • Witness testimony
  • Photos and videos
  • Documents such as accident reports
  • Physical evidence from the accident scene

You may also need expert testimony to provide opinion evidence. For example, a manufacturing expert might render an opinion about how a power tool contained a defect that allowed the blade to slip loose and sever your hand.

Navigating Legal Processes and Meeting Deadlines

When you hire a lawyer, you also get the help of the lawyer’s staff. They will assist the lawyer in gathering evidence, tracking deadlines, and filing documents. In many firms, the staff will also keep you up-to-date on your case when the lawyer is occupied with other clients.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies or Opposing Counsel

Most personal injury claims are resolved without a trial. A settlement occurs when the at-fault party and their insurer agree to pay you to release your claims. In other words, under most settlements, you dismiss your claim or lawsuit in exchange for financial compensation. Lawyers use their training and experience to negotiate settlement agreements.

Pursuing Restitution

If your case does not settle, a lawyer can file a lawsuit. The lawyer will continue to try to settle your case and take it to trial if it does not.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring an Amputation Injury Lawyer

How Much Is an Amputated Limb Worth in a Lawsuit?

You can estimate your compensation economic losses by adding up your financial costs, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Diminished future earning capacity
  • Out-of-pocket expenses associated with the injury

Estimating your non-economic losses is more difficult. These losses represent the diminishment in your quality of life after losing your body part. These losses are substantial after amputation injuries due to pain, mental anguish, dismemberment, disability, and disfigurement. However, your exact losses depend on your unique circumstances.

Is Settlement Better Than Going to Court?

A settlement is not necessarily better than a trial verdict. But it has some distinct advantages, particularly when you suffer catastrophic injuries and cannot wait months or years to get compensated. Settlements also avoid the uncertainty of a trial.

What Happens if I Caused the Accident That Resulted in the Amputation?

Under Ohio personal injury law, you can recover as long as your share of the fault is less than or equal to the other party’s share of the fault. However, a court or insurer must reduce your compensation by your share of the fault. Thus, you will only recover compensation for 84% of your losses if you bear 16% of the fault for your injuries.

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