Winter Driving Safety Tips


Did you know that the most dangerous time of year to drive is between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day? Due to increased traffic and weather conditions, it is imperative to practice safe driving techniques at all times during the holiday season

The following are four tips all motorists must consider when driving on the roads and highways this winter:

  1. Leave enough room for trucks on the road. You may notice an increase of semi-tractor trailers on the highways and secondary roads because items purchased during the holidays is transported and shipped by large trucks. Keep an extra eye out for tractor-trailers whenever you decide to drive.
  2. When it snows, slow down. The roadways can be quite treacherous when they are covered in ice and snow. While the holidays can be stressful, which can lead to rushed and hurried driving, make sure you have always had a calm state of mind and drive with continuous discretion.
  3. Don’t drink and drive. One of the reasons why the holiday season is a dangerous time to drive is because of increased traffic-related accidents caused by drunk drivers. While the holidays are a time to be merry and festive, please designate a sober driver or download a ridesharing app (Uber or Lyft) if you decide to go out and drink.
  4. Look out for deer. In the last couple of decades, mid-western states (including Ohio) have experienced an increase in deer populations. Deer present a constant danger to motorists, especially during the winter months. Before a car accident occurs involving a passing deer, check your policy to see if you have coverage by calling your agent.

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