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Keep a Journal


If you have been involved in any event or injury that was caused by the wrong doing of someone else and you suffered an injury from that it is very important that you keep a journal as to your progress as you go through day by day. In the beginning it is very important to write down the events that happened around the time of the incident or the wreck and thereafter each benchmark that you reach as you’re going through your recovery. When your able to get of rid the catheter, when you’re able to sleep in your own bed, when your able to sleep all night for the first time, when your able to get off pain medication, when your able to take your first steps, when your able to do any benchmarks that take place during the course of your recovery you won’t remember those things. As you’re going through it you think gee this is so awful I’ll remember this forever, you won’t. And you won’t remember it accurately as to when these benchmarks occurred. You can write these things on a calendar, you can keep a notebook or a regular journal of some sort. But this is really important information to help your attorney assess your case and ultimately to present your case to a jury if that becomes necessary.