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Truck Weight


A critical element of the investigation of any commercial truck wreck is to learn what the weight of the vehicle and the load was prior to the wreck. A truck driver is responsible to know that his vehicle is traveling at a safe weight. He should know the weight of that vehicle when he leaves the yard not when he gets to a weigh station and or when somebody pulls him over or after an accident. He’s responsible to know the weight when he leaves the yard. If a truck is overweight that means stopping distances, maneuverability and handling characteristics all change, all for the worst. It also means that his company knew before he left the yard that he had too much on the truck and they set up an accident to happen. If the accident becomes reality, ultimately the company can be made to pay not only for the fact that there was an accident caused by the driver but also because they set both that driver and all of the public up to be involved in a serious accident because of the overweight condition of the truck and trailer.