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Amputation Injury Lawyer in Cincinnati

Lost a Limb Due to Another Party's Negligence?

An amputation refers to the removal of a body extremity by trauma, prolonged constriction, or surgery. Sometimes it becomes necessary to amputate a body part to control the individual's pain or to control the spread of a disease such as gangrene.

young man with prosthetic leg after an amputationWhat is a Traumatic Amputation?

Traumatic amputation is an unexpected amputation that occurs at the scene of an accident, in which case the limb is partially or completely severed as a direct result of the accident. For example, a person's arm can be severed from a motorcycle accident, or a meat cutter's hand can be severed from a sharp cutting tool at the factory. There can also be instances where a surgeon or doctor can make a mistake during a procedure or surgery, requiring the amputation of a limb. This would also fall into the medical malpractice category. In many cases a body part will become injured as a result of an accident and medical doctors have no other option but to amputate the limb after all other efforts to save the limb have failed.

Sometimes when a body part is completely severed it can be reattached, especially when special care has been taken to preserve the severed body part or stump. With partial amputations, some of the soft-tissue connection remains, and depending on the severity of the injury, the severed body part may or may not be reattached. There are a number of complications that are associated with an amputated body part, some of which include severe bleeding, shock and infection.

What Are Some Common Causes of Amputation?

Common causes of this type of catastrophic injury include:

How Are Amputation Settlements Determined?

In most cases a settlement amount will depend largely on several things:

  • How severe the injury was
  • If the victim's own negligence contributed to their injury
  • The impact the injury will have on the victim's life going forward
  • How severe the negligence was on the part of the responsible party

Contact a Cincinnati Amputation Attorney

Whether an amputation involves the loss of an arm or leg, or worse, such injuries can be life-threatening and change the course of the victim's life forever. Living with an amputation injury can lead to permanent disability, having to live with prosthetics for the rest of one's life, or it can force someone to live the rest of their days in a wheelchair.

If you or someone you love has sustained an amputation injury as a result of an accident or poor medical care, we urge you to contact a Cincinnati personal injury lawyer from The Moore Law Firm for help. We offer case evaluations and work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don't pay anything unless we win your case. We understand how an amputation injury can affect nearly every aspect of the victim's life; therefore, we are entirely focused on helping you receive the compensation you need to take proper care of yourself and your family from here on out.

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