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Have you suffered a neck or back injury?

A neck or back injury can range in intensity from a mild discomfort, to traumatic, life-altering conditions that are caused by herniated disks, fractured vertebrae, sciatica, spinal cord injuries and other disk problems. When a person experiences catastrophic trauma to the neck and back, it can lead to a spinal cord injury, which can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis below the affected body part.

Sometimes when a person suffers trauma to the neck or back, then the neck and back are splinted and the person has to avoid any form of movement. It's extremely important that a physician accurately determine the cause and extent of the neck or back injury. Since the vertebral column has many ligaments and muscles that protect the spinal cord and assist in movement, an injury to any of these structures can cause significant and debilitating pain, even in cases where the neck or back injury does not involve the nerves.

If you are suffering from a back injury, do not hesitate to contact a Cincinnati back injury attorney from The Moore Law Firm for help!

Signs and Symptoms of a Neck or Back Injury

A person with a neck or back injury may experience localized pain, tenderness, restricted movement, headaches, and stiffness. Furthermore, the muscles on either side of the injury can spasm immediately after the injury or up to 24 hours later, highly restricting movement and causing pain. When a person experiences numbness, tingling, or paralysis of an extremity, then it may be an indication of a more serious injury.

Neck and Back Injury Treatments

While every injury is unique, some common treatments for neck and back injuries include:

  • Medication
  • Ice
  • Bed rest
  • Physical therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Surgery

Car Accidents and Neck Injuries

Man standing by a car accident holding his neck

Neck strain or whiplash is commonly associated with motor vehicle accidents. The sudden force of a collision causes the head to jerk forward or backward, thereby stretching and tearing the muscles and tendons in the neck. It's impossible to ignore the pain of whiplash for it involves pain, a decrease in range of motion, tightness in the neck, tenderness, and headaches that start at the base of the skull and radiate towards the forehead.

A neck injury in a car accident can also cause a concussion which can be very serious. If you feel dizzy, nauseous, and excessively sleepy or lose consciousness, you must see a doctor right away. You may need X-rays, a CT scan and other tests to rule out serious problems.

If you have suffered a neck injury as a result of an accident, do not hesitate to contact a Cincinnati neck injury attorney from The Moore Law Firm for help!

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