Crime and Punishment


Moore Law host and local TV journalist Deb Haas and attorney co-host Don Moore welcomed Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer Richard J. Goldberg to discuss “Crime and Punishment.” Don used the O.J. Simpson case from the 1990s as an example of the differences between civil cases and criminal cases. While a jury decided that there was not enough evidence to convict Simpson of being guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” in the criminal trial, a jury in the civil trial did find that “a preponderance of the evidence” showed he wrongfully caused his wife’s death.

“You have to be firmly convinced of the truth of the charge before you can be convicted in a criminal case of any crime at all,” Rich said. “It’s not double jeopardy if someone gets sued after being acquitted in a criminal case.”

Questions from Moore Law viewers touched on many areas, including Roger in Cincinnati wondering about proving innocence after serving time, Thomas in Fairfield asking how to contest a speeding ticket, Natalie in Hamilton calling about the impact of her boyfriend’s minor misdemeanor drug possession charge, Catrina in Mount Auburn inquiring about a neighbor who she said was stealing cable, Donald in Cincinnati facing a criminal trespass charge and Gil in Cincinnati wondering what his options were in regards to evidence being tampered with in a 2008 DUI case.

You can watch the whole “Crime and Punishment” episode in the video above. Don will be joined by his son, Cincinnati personal injury attorney Dan Moore, and estate planning lawyer Karen Rolcik from the Rolcik Law Office on the next Moore Law to discuss “Grandpa and the Law.” The next show airs live on Monday, June 18, 2012, at 9:30 a.m. on WXIX-TV, FOX19.

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