Four Common Bike Crashes


Cycling is one of the most common fitness hobbies in the U.S. But cycling enthusiast understand just how dangerous riding on the road can be. A survey from 2014 reports that over 20,000 cyclists were killed or seriously injured in road accidents. The study further reports that most of cycling accidents take place in urban areas and intersections.

In this blog, our Cincinnati injury lawyer discusses the 4 most common reasons for bike collisions and offers solutions for you to avoid them.

1. Rear-End Collision

One of the most common collisions are collisions where a car behind you either tries to pass you and clips your back wheel causing you to crash. This can happen for a number of reasons but often occurs when a cyclists is forced to move slightly to the left to avoid an obstacle in their path. One way to avoid this is to get a blinking rear light. The bright, dynamic light will be harder for drivers to miss even during the day.

2. Right Hook

Another frequent cause for bike-car collisions is the right hook. The right hook occurs when a cyclist riding straight through an intersection is struck by a car attempting to turn right from the same lane of the intersection. This happens often as many drivers underestimate the speed at which the cyclist approaches and attempt to make the turn.

3. Driveway Cross

Often drivers are simply not looking for cyclists on the road. This is most commonly demonstrated by the Driveway Cross collision. The driveway cross collision occurs when a cyclists is riding with the flow of through traffic and a car driver pulls out of the driveway of a parking lot, side street or residential driveway. This collision can be avoided by using a headlight. If you are riding at night, a car is more likely to see your light and register something is approaching. If you are riding during the daytime, a bright blinking light can help make you more visible to drivers.

4. Open Door Collision

Another regular collision is the door collision. The door collisions is a result of a pedestrian exiting a parked car on the street. The pedestrian opens the door too quickly for you to maneuver out of the way and you immediately strike the open door at high speed. Dodge this collision by riding far enough to the left to miss any possible doors that might open suddenly.

Injured in a Bike Accident?

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