How a Lawyer Can Help in a Distracted Driving Accident


Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents today — surpassing even drunk driving accidents. When we have so many distractions today, from cell phones to audio receivers, drive-thru food and drinks, and other drivers themselves, it can be a challenge to keep our eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel. Especially when so much demands our attention, this split concentration can have disastrous — sometimes deadly — consequences.

You may have been the victim of a car accident due to a distracted driver, or you may have lost someone who was. You may have been accused of distracted driving when in fact the other driver was at fault. Whatever the case may be, a distracted driving lawyer can help you argue your case in court. 

What is a Distracted Driving Accident?

A distracted driving accident is a motor vehicle accident caused by negligence on the part of at least one driver due to inattention. Driving requires intense focus, both on the road and on the other drivers. Distracted driving happens when your attention is pulled away by activities such as: 

  • Checking your phone or texting and driving
  • Eating food
  • Turning to talk to passengers
  • Reading a map
  • Adjusting the music

Today, there are a number of automated solutions that exist to cut down on distracted driving, such as hands-free calling or pre-programming music. However, distracted driving can still occur and may have disastrous results. Distracted driving statistics show that these accidents claim the lives of thousands every year, with many more injured as a result.

How a Lawyer Can Help in a Distracted Driving Case?

Whether you were the victim of a distracted driving accident, the loved one of a distracted driving victim, or a driver who has been accused of distracted driving, a distracted driving attorney can help. It’s important not to go into the case alone. An attorney can relieve the stress of legal research, as well as forming arguments and filing suit. Here are some ways a distracted driving lawyer can help.

Interpret Distracted Driving Laws

The law can be complex. Some drivers, even when they know there are laws about distracted driving, might not know the finer details of some of those laws. Nevertheless, they are still bound to follow them. This is where a lawyer can help. Distracted driving attorneys are trained experts when it comes to traffic law. The Moore Law Firm can go over any relevant laws, help to make them clearer for you, and explain how certain clauses might help your case. Moore Law can also help by researching past cases to find relevant precedents.

Appeal Driver License Suspension

If your license was wrongfully suspended due to a distracted driving accident, a distracted driving lawyer may be able to have it reinstated through appeal. The administrative hearing who suspended your license may have misinterpreted the law or failed to take into account all aspects of the accident. By carefully researching any relevant laws, your attorney can bring your appeal before a judge who may in turn decide to reinstate your license.

Report Suspicious Activity to Law Enforcement

Maybe you were in a car accident in which the driver claims you were at fault, but you could see them on their phone shortly before the crash. If you notice suspicious activity that may have contributed to your distracted driving case, tell your distracted driving lawyer. They can report this suspicious activity to law enforcement, as well as bring this up in a potential court case in order to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Prove or Dispute Distracted Driving, Like Cell Phone Use

It’s the job of your distracted driving attorney to argue your case, whether that means proving that the other driver was distracted or disputing an accusation that you were. Attorneys can gather eyewitness testimony, subpoena phone records, and speak with experts to make a case for or against distracted driving in court. 

If you’ve been falsely accused of distracted driving, your attorney will fight for your rights and to show that you were not at fault for the accident. If, however, you were in an accident because of a distracted driver or had a loved one who died because of a distracted driver, your attorney will use their time, resources, and expertise to prove your case. With this, you can receive the compensation you deserve.

File Suit for Accident Fatalities, Injuries, or Motor Vehicle Damage

Distracted driving can have devastating consequences. In minor cases, it might cause some damage to your vehicle. In worst case scenarios, distracted driving can lead to severe injuries or loss of a loved one. 

Not all distracted driving cases have to go to court. Many end in settlements. But when your case needs to be brought to court, your distracted driving attorney can help. Your attorney knows all the steps necessary to file suit and prepare your case. You may not be able to have your loved one back or your car in the same condition, but by filing suit against a distracted driver, you can at least be compensated for the losses, both monetary and emotional.

Find Legal Help if You Were Hurt by a Distracted Driver

The fallout of a car accident is a stressful time. If you were hurt or suffered losses because of a distracted driver, you may feel angry at the injustice. You don’t have to go it alone. With the right distracted driving attorney, you can stand up for your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

The Moore Law Firm has extensive knowledge when it comes to personal injury law, including distracted driving and other car accidents. We know how important these cases are to our clients and we’re here to help you. Contact The Moore Law Firm today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation to learn how we can help your case.

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