Nurse’s Aides Abusing Elderly Patient Caught On Hidden Camera


The son of a 78-year-old woman caught Metro Nurse's Aides abusing his mother on a hidden video camera set up in her room. Video shows Esther Piskor being tossed around like a rag doll by aides at the Prentiss Center Nursing Home.

One aide threw a gown over Esther's face while another aid pulls up bed sheets with Esther inside them. Another video clip shows aides screaming at Esther while tossing her into a chair.

Esther's son, Steve Piskor, can't believe what he saw on the video. He says, "One video you can see her hitting her in the face. Other one she takes her legs and pushes it all the way back over head."

The elderly can present a challenge to even the most patient nurse's aide. However, frustration is never an excuse for a hired caregiver to mistreat an older adult. Nursing home abuse is a violation of patient trust with their caregiver.

One of the nurse's aides, Virgen Caraballo, is charged with felony assault. Three aides were fired, and one other is suspended. Four more have received disciplinary action.

Metro Health is allegedly not acting much better than its nursing aides are. According to investigative reporter Scott Taylor, "Metro Health is now telling Steve and Esther the camera has to go or mom has to leave. The same camera that exposed the abuse. Hey Metro Health…shame on you."

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