Risk Is Assumed Right off The Bat


The Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians will meet one another this weekend as spring training games kick off for both of Ohio’s major league baseball teams, meaning we are only a month away from Great American Ballpark and Progressive Field opening up for business again. Attending baseball games is a popular summer activity enjoyed by thousands of Americans, but every year also sees unfortunate cases in which a spectator happens to be struck by a foul ball or shattered bat.

It is important to remember that the backs of tickets to baseball games—minor league games as well as major league games—typically contain disclaimers noting that the holder of the ticket assumes all liability and danger incidental to the game. The language mentions some specific dangers involving thrown bats or batted balls, but also notes the liability is not exclusively limited to the listed dangers. Furthermore, the ticket also usually notes that the teams, officials and players are not liable for any damages.

Despite these warnings, nearly every year sees a fan who has sustained an unfortunatepersonal injury unsuccessfully trying to sue one or more of those entities. These lawsuits fail because by purchasing a ticket and entering the ballpark, a fan is “assuming the risk” inherent to the game he or she is attending. It is your responsibility to be aware of the dangers that can arise at any point during the course of a game.

Barring an extremely unusual or unique circumstance, a person who was injured while attending a baseball game has very limited options for legal recourse. However, Reds or Indians games are just one summer activity that might involve liability issues and this week we will address some more examples.

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