Teen Makes Stupid Driving Move And Trashed His Car


A life-flight helicopter flew an 18-year old to a Columbus area hospital after a two-vehicle crash on July 15, 2011. The car accident happened around 12 p.m. on Third Avenue in Gallipolis.

Emergency services initially transported Samuel Bear to Holzer Medical Center, and then was flown later to Grant Medical Services.

Bear, driving his 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit, pulled into the path of an oncoming 2005 Ford Ranger driven by Mary Lane. The accident occurred in the 400 block of Third Avenue near Ohio Valley Bank.

According to the police report, Bear’s vehicle entered the southbound lane from a parked position on the street side. Lane, also travelling southbound, collided with the driver’s side of Bear’s Volkswagen. The impact pushed Bear’s vehicle about 103 feet before both vehicles came to a stop near the Ohio Valley Bank entrance.

The Volkswagen received severe damage, and the Ranger sustained disabling damage. Tow trucks transported both vehicles from the scene.

The latest information about Bear’s status shows him listed as a patient in the emergency department of Grant Medical Center. The hospital provided no further information about his condition. Lane reportedly received no injuries from the accident.

Both the Gallipolis Fire Department and Police Department responded to the scene. No charges have been issued.

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