Things To Keep In Mind In Aftermath Of Accident


This is a video we made discussing the importance of making notes of what occurred as soon as possible after an accident. The events surrounding your accident can be critical to establishing liability, and evidence can disappear or memories of witnesses can lose clarity.

Here are a few of the things you will want to do or make specific note of if you can, some of which Don mentions in the video:

  • Do not admit fault — To borrow the catchphrase from the classic television series, “Dragnet,” try to stick to “just the facts.” Whomever you might be speaking to, never express even the possibility that an accident could have been your fault.
  • Do not sign anything — You should always seek out the advice of a Cincinnati injury attorney before signing any paperwork relating to your accident. Unscrupulous insurance adjusters can trick you into signing forms that release them from liability.
  • Get contact information from witnesses — This can be easier said than done with some people at the scene, but you can record license plate numbers of any witnesses who might be uncooperative.
  • Take pictures — Nearly everybody has a cell phone with a camera, and you should take as many photographs as possible after an accident. No lawyer would ever tell you that you took “too many” pictures, so be sure to capture as many specific conditions as you can.
  • Ask for accident reports — Whether you were involved in a car or truck accident that involved a police report or you were injured in a workplace injury where a manager filed a report, be sure to inquire how you can get a copy.
  • Your insurance company — You should notify your insurance company immediately following any accident, and if you were involved in an automobile wreck that “totaled” your vehicle,” try to keep the vehicle so it can be examined by an accident reconstruction expert.

While you could still very well be rather disoriented immediately after an accident, keeping these points in mind can drastically improve your chances of filing a successful personal injury lawsuit to collect compensation for your injuries. Tomorrow we will elaborate on another measure that can help your case.

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