Truck Spills Asphalt, Knocks Out Power


An asphalt-truck driver drove off the westbound lanes of Navarre Road in Massillon, breaking two utility poles and severing one before spilling asphalt all over a township resident’s yard, knocking out power to dozens and leaving the truck’s bed upright. The Independent reported on September 14, 2011 that the driver of the 12-wheel Vasco Asphalt truck was unconscious after the accident but revived.

Perry Township Deputy Fire Chief Larry Sedlock told the Independent there were no skid marks on the roadway and the driver may have veered into the eastbound lanes before overcorrecting. Sedlock said 4 to 5 tons of asphalt and 75 to 100 gallons of hydraulic fluid were spilled.

As Sedlock mentioned, thistruck accident could have been much worse if another car had been involved or if the truck had hit the home. The wreck is still under investigation, but the details strongly hint at a case of possible driver fatigue or distracted driving. An experienced truck accident attorney would secure the evidence as soon as possible and look into the trucking company’s log books to not only verify that the driver had received proper rest, but that the log books were being updated at all.

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