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Have you heard the news? Last year the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration started a new program to strengthen safety requirements for commercial motor carriers.

Not exactly front-page news! Most people probably don’t even care about the new rules, that is, unless they, or a loved one, were injured as a result of a truck crash.

The new rules apply to every interstate commercial motor vehicle that weighs over 10,001 pounds and all hazardous material haulers. The trucking companies will now be rated by seven safety related behaviors. They are as follows:

1. Unsafe driver

2. Fatigued driver

3. Driver fitness

4. Driver’s use of controlled substances or alcohol

5. Vehicle maintenance

6. Cargo related problems and hazardous materials

7. Reportable crashes

So what does this have to do with you, even if you are involved in a trucking wreck?

This means that an experienced truck accident lawyer can get solid proof of the company’s prior safety problems. If the company has a bad safety record, this may help show how thetrucking company’s bad habits set up circumstances that caused your accident to happen. A bad safety rating shows the company just didn’t care.

Trucking companies that don’t care about safety, cause more accidents and hurt more people.

Proving these factors can make a major difference in whether or not their victims get fair compensation. An attorney experienced in representing truck crash victims will know how to get this important safety data from both the government and the trucking company. The new regulations provide another tool, allowing law firms like, The Moore Law Firm, to hold the guilty accountable and get fair compensation for the seriously injured.

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