Why Filming is Banned in Most Hospitals


There are many situations you may want to film in a hospital, such as the birth of your child. However, there are many hospitals throughout the country that ban any kind of filming for one reason or another. In some situations, the hospital may allow filming as long as you receive permission, but for many who try to film for other reasons, there are problems that may arise.

Doctor-Patient Confidentiality

In many situations, filming is banned to protect doctor-patient confidentiality. Unless someone is your direct relative, the hospital believes that you have no reason to film them. This is often because a lot of the filming done is to potentially capture something wrong happening.

Interruption of Care

In many situations, someone who is trying to record can disrupt a doctor’s ability to provide care. The focus should be on the patient, but with someone in the direct vicinity trying to film everything that is happening, there are several mistakes that can arise.

Protecting Medical Professionals

While there are numerous good reasons for hospitals to try and prevent recording, there is a common belief that if the hospital and staff are doing everything right, there should be no reason to worry about someone potentially filming in a hospital.

Unfortunately, this is something that the hospital may try to ban to cover up any wrongdoing that may occur. In a day where many individuals try to record dramatic or potentially negligent situations to protect their rights, large corporations may be quick to do whatever they can to protect themselves. Recording of malpractice proves as evidence necessary to file a medical malpractice claim, so hospitals may ban filming to try and avoid this.

Even if you feel as though you don’t have evidence because the hospital has banned filming, it’s important to know that you can still protect your rights with qualified legal help.

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