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Truck Insurance Claims in Cincinnati

Your Claim Against the Insurance Company

The one thing that you must keep in mind at all times when dealing with an insurance company is the fact that insurance is a multi-billion dollar industry, and the company is in business to make a profit. They do this by collecting premiums and using every possible opportunity to minimize, delay or deny a claim. They do not make money by cooperating with you or by paying you the full amount you deserve.

In such a situation, you deserve to have a dedicated advocate on your side, fighting for your right to a fair settlement. Don't take chances with the outcome of your case-hire a Cincinnati truck accident lawyer from The Moore Law Firm to represent your claim and work to maximize the amount of compensation you receive for your injuries.

Complexities of Truck Insurance Claims

Truck accident insurance claims are often significantly more complicated than cases involving motorcycle accidents or car accidents. To begin with, there is the fact that while we normally view a semi-truck as a unified whole, the several separate components of the vehicle will often be insured by distinct policies. The truck driver, the tractor, the trailer and even the cargo may each be separately insured, and depending on the circumstances of your case you may have to file more than one insurance claim to recover the full compensation you deserve.

Another issue is that commercial trucking companies will often employ their own team of accident investigators, in addition to the investigators from the trucking insurance company, your attorney and perhaps your own insurance company. Each of these is likely to come up with a different version of the story, and the task then becomes proving which one most closely reflects the reality of the situation. Fortunately, we have more than 40 years of combined experience handling claims for accident victims, and we are prepared to navigate the process and sort through the complexities you face.

Don't Talk with the Insurance Company

The one thing you must not do in relation to your insurance claim is to speak with anyone from the truck insurance company. This includes even responding to a friendly and casual question about how you are doing. Similar to speaking with the police, the insurance company representative is only asking questions with the purpose of finding evidence to use in denying your claim. Instead, politely refer the individual to The Moore Law Firm as your legal representation and then hang up the phone. We can represent you at every contact with the insurance company and use our skill to negotiate the amount you deserve. If this fails, we may even take the case to court in pursuit of a jury verdict in your favor.

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