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Driver Fatigue


One element that is unique to wrecks that involve commercial trucking is the element of driver fatigue. Now certainly driver fatigue is not something unique to trucks. Anybody can suffer driver fatigue, but the thing that is important with respect to trucks because we as a society recognize that they present specific dangers relating to their weight, their stopping distance and other characteristics. The law requires that they have certain intervals of rest and that they are at full capacity when they are operating their trucks on the public highways.There are a lot of things that can effect that, they are required to keep a log book so that there is evidence as to how long they have been continuously operating the truck and when they have been away from the truck. Often times log books are allowed to get behind, that’s a violation of regulations. In addition it’s frequent that truck drivers actually drive longer than their supposed to drive and they are driving in fatigue conditions. If a truck driver drives in fatigue condition he loses coordination, he loses the ability to stop quickly or maneuver quickly and he also loses some of his decision making ability just like anybody else who is operating under fatigue. Well when you are operating a vehicle that weighs tens of thousands of pounds at high speeds that is just not acceptable in our society. If you are involved in a crash with a truck it’s very important to secure that log book just as soon as you possibly ca