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Immediately After the Accident


If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident it is extremely important that as soon as you are capable right after the accident you start to make notes of the things that took place. One of the things, that from a psychological standpoint our mind kind of protects us from some of the terrible things that occur. That includes the intensity of the pain that includes thing that is very frightening to us and certainly being involved in an accident with an 18 wheeler is a very, very frightening experience. You think it is something you would never forget, believe me you start forgetting immediately after it occurs. So it is really important that you start to write down the things that are significant the names of people, if you can get addresses and phone numbers that’s a big deal. Descriptions of vehicles, that is important too. Clearly immediately after the accident the thing that is most important is to call the authorities, call 911 if you are able thereafter make a note mental note and write it down as soon as it happened what people have said at the accident scene when they said it as close to when they said it, as close as possible to the exact wording, where things were located and then the things that actually happened to you. The things you were thinking while you were in the ambulance, the procedures that were being done to you and how it felt, and what you were afraid of and what was going through your mind, how did things happen once you got to the hospital