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Tire Tread


Tires can be a major factor in truck accidents as well. Have you ever driven along the expressway and just seen these carcasses or these treads of tires that have peeled off and they’re huge, they came off of tractor trailers usually. Well first of all when they came off they presented a hazard to the people who were around them at that time. Think about how they affected the ability of that truck at that point to stop or maneuver. That’s a big deal that often plays a role in wrecks or in the investigation of wrecks. One of the things that a truck driver has a responsibility, and indeed the company as well, have a responsibility to do is maintain their tires. Those tires shouldn’t be coming apart like that on the road. It’s often times that’s a result of under-inflation or over-inflation. A truck driver is supposed to check his tires frequently to make sure that they’re at their proper inflation because if they run too low on air they’ll start to come apart. That can cause a wreck of his vehicle or can cause those treads to peel off and damage other vehicles or cause them to have a wreck.